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At SourceCodeStudio, we offer comprehensive training on all new WordPress sites as standard. Nevertheless, it can still be scary updating your new website with new articles and new information yourself. It is easy to be put off doing so if, after having made a change, you’re faced with a website that appears broken, gives 404 errors, or shows the dreaded “white screen of death”. 

 We can give you the tools to edit your website, but the confidence to make changes is just as important. Thankfully, WordPress has a variety of useful tools that allow users to mock-up new material and see it live, without risking breaking anything. This allows you the freedom to experiment and try out new and exciting content. 

our top 5 most useful WordPress editing tools & plugins:  

01. Creating Drafts

A staple for any new WordPress user is the Drafts feature. It allows you to preview how a page will look once it is live. When creating a new page, event, or post, there is an option in the top right to “Save Draft”. Nobody wants the world to see their work before it's ready, but when you are simply hit the "Publish" button.

02. Making a Page Private

Once a new page is ready to be tested, it can be published with its Visibility set to Private.

This means that it is officially flagged as a live page and will act as one, but can only be seen by administrators. This is particularly useful for checking that a new post is being linked to correctly from navigation menus and other existing pages on your website.

Note: The option to set a post as Private only appears once the page is published.

03. Duplicating Posts

If you already have an existing post that you’re happy with and want to create a new one with a similar layout, you can simply duplicate the post.

You will, however, need a free plugin for this called (you might be able to guess) “Duplicate Post” by Enrico Battocchi. It has over 3 million installs making it one of the most popular plugins on the market. To add it to your WordPress Website navigating to “Plugins -> Add New” and in the admin area search “Duplicate Post” in the search bar.

Once installed, in Pages or Posts you can hover over an existing item and hit “Clone” to create a copy.

04. Non-Indexed Pages

Once a new page is ready to go live, there is one final method of protection available – making your page non-indexed to keep it out of the public eye.

Non-indexed pages can still be accessed by anyone, but they need to know the specific URL. The main benefit here is that they will not appear on search engines such as Google. This is useful for soft-launching new content where chosen viewers can be given a link to view the webpage, while others are very unlikely to stumble across it.

You will need the Yoast SEO plugin for this technique. It is a free WordPress plugin that has 5 stars from over 25,000 independent reviews.

Once installed, scroll to the bottom of the page that you’re editing in the admin area. In the Yoast SEO section, open the Advanced tab. Set the first option “Allow search engines..” to "No", and the second option “Should search engines follow..” to "No" also. Just remember to change it back again when you do want everybody to be able to find it!

05. Creating a Duplicate Proof Site

Once you become more confident in creating new content on your website, you may want to adjust coded areas such as templates or changing the styling of the website. To protect your website services from going down and possibly losing revenue, we suggest creating a duplicate proof site.

This is a carbon copy of your live website (albeit hosted somewhere else), giving you the freedom to experiment and pull apart the website as much as you’d like. You can then see how it reacts to changes safe in the knowledge you can always revert back to the original carbon copy.

If your current website does not grant this level of editability, or you simply want a website that you can edit with confidence, please contact us and talk to our team who will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, look around our services or even our projects to get a taste of what SourceCodeStudio can do for you.

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