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In the world of big data, sometimes companies can feel overwhelmed trying to understand it all. This is why it makes sense to have all your data in one single platform so you can process it, manage it, visualise it and analyse it.

Data Management software collects and converts data from various sources into a single storage container such as a Database, replacing the need for multiple systems and spreadsheets. It can even help replace and streamline manual paper-based processes.

It can come with a "Data Processing" section which will manipulate this stored data to visualise it succinctly for users in a centralised platform. This will allow you to analyse the data easily and make informed business decisions.

The different functions sometimes make it confusing so to put simply:

  • Data Management is the managing and storage of data.
  • Data Processing is the processing and manipulation of data.
  • Data Analysis is the analytics and understanding of what the data represents.
  • Data Visualisation is how you present the data.

why you need it

The software gives multiple people access to the same data so individual pieces of information aren’t being kept on individual machines and data can be inputted from across the business and can even be used to people working remotely using cloud or VPN access.

The data you input can be anything from invoices to marketing analytics. It also helps you tell your data story by visualising the data for you, helping you to easily see trends and present your data across the business.

What Else Can Data Tools Do?

Data tools can save you time and money by knowing your data can help you to understand your business better and improve your business processes. 

 According to mckinsey Data-driven organisations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result.

In one case, for one of our own customers, implementing bespoke software cut out all manual processes and saved £2250 annually on paper-based printing costs alone. Included in that cost was the human resource hours it took just to manage the printing process.  

One great use of Data Visualisation is Marketing to Sales Opportunities. By pulling data from Google Analytics and your sales CRM you can begin to build a picture of your client base to track conversions or cost to acquire customers (CPA). Reports like this can help your marketing team focus their efforts and budgets, help sales to understand their lead cycle and help finance forecast more accurately.  

Great examples of data management software

  • Microsoft SQL Server 
  •  Azure SQL  
  • Amazon Web Service 
  •  Oracle RDBMS 

and data processing software

  • Azure Data Lake Store 
  •  Google BigQuery 
  •  Amazon EMR 

You don’t have to use out of the box software though. Source Code Studio create bespoke solutions for Data Management, Processing and Visualisation that fit your exact needs without you having to piece everything together and pay for multiple platforms. It will also scale with your business and it is often more cost effective. 

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