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 The majority of adults use a smart phone for either business or personal use. Each of those smart phones have 40 apps on average. This means that there is a huge opportunity to reach these users with your products or services. 

“But I have a website and a Facebook page,” I hear you protest. Whatever the size of your business, an app can offer so much value to you and your customers. Here are some good reasons why:

Increase Sales

The popularity of apps lies in their speed, accessibility and ease of use. Located in the palm of your hand and a single tap from the home screen, apps ensure a business and its products or services are instantly accessible.

Apps also offer seamless purchasing and mobile payment handling, provide ease of registration and appointment booking, and facilitate loyalty and reward schemes – all of which encourage and ensure a customer completes a purchase, while also increasing repeat business.      

enhance customer experience

Once downloaded, mobile apps allow you to communicate with your customers in real time. Push notifications enhance a customer’s experience of your business on and offline. For example, they can be used as appointment reminders, availability notifications for sold out items, repeat order reminders, parcel arrivals or delivery notifications, or for the collection of food and drink orders (takeaway or in-house) to name a few.

Increase Customer Engagement

When permitted by the user and when used appropriately by the business, push notifications are irresistible – the temptation to click to see what message awaits is just too great! Plus, push notifications appear on a user’s locked mobile device home screen, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your marketing messages and the likelihood that your communications will be seen and read.  

Better Targeting

Geo fencing enables you to track an app user’s location (with their permission of course!). This technology has multiple benefits for multiple businesses. The tourism and leisure industry can send timely special offers via push notifications to those visiting the nearby area. Meanwhile, food and drink establishments and retailers can offer “curbside pickup” ensuring pre-ordered items are ready for collection as soon as the customer arrives. Finally, buildings that require secure access, membership access or appointment-only access can anticipate a client’s arrival and allow them to open the door via a button in the app.    

Gain Competitive Advantage 

Not only will a mobile app set you apart by giving the impression you’re a forward-thinking business, fundamentally it allows you to gain competitive by offering your customers a highly personalised service. 

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