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Author:Sammy Loveridge  
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This may seem like a strange question. 

Everyone needs a website, right?! 

Right. But do you know what the purpose of your website is? 

 What’s the aim? 

 What do you want people to do when they visit your site? 

The answers to these questions are the foundations from which we design and build a website.

 After all, a website without purpose is like a cheese and pickle sandwich without the pickle. Your website needs to fulfil the need of your customer (where’s the darn pickle?!). 

It needs to resonate with your customers and inspire them to act through clear CTAs (calls to action) and logical conversion channels - otherwise known as the pathway to completing the action. 

 Sound a little daunting? It needn’t be. Together, let’s explore some key uses for websites with clear calls to action that you may find useful when thinking about the purpose of your website: 

01. To sell goods and services 

• eCommerce website

• Converting visitors to customers through the purchase of products or services 

 • Profit generation and up/cross-selling 

 An eCommerce website enables your customers to purchase goods, book and prepay for appointments, or buy tickets to an event. If designed effectively and if a business understands their customers’ purchasing habits, it also offers numerous opportunities for up and cross-selling. Customer service and user experience together with speed and ease in the purchasing journey are key here. 

02. To generate leads

• Lead generation website 

• Inspiring visitors to make an enquiry or complete a contact form 

• Trackable sales leads

 Despite the digital world in which we live, for many businesses, relationships and sales are still made offline, especially for services and high-level investments. But we need a place and means to start the conversation. This is when lead generation websites come into play, where calls to make an enquiry or complete a contact form take conversations offline and customers into the safe hands of the sales team.  

03. To Showcase Services and provide information

• Portfolio/brochure website (For example: Blakeney Garage

• Providing a resource for visitors and encouraging them to explore and experience services 

 • Relationship building 

Portfolio or brochure websites generate awareness and create a connection. Here you can position your business as a reliable resource of information, be seen as a trusted expert in your field or showcase what you have to offer, as well as tell your brand story. Calls to action can include subscribing to newsletters, signing up to become a contributor or joining the community.  

The very first step in any website creation and management project at SourceCodeStudio starts by understanding the aim of your website – what you want to achieve and how it will benefit your customers. From there we can design a site with pickle…sorry, purpose!

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