UX vs Security

06/11 UX vs security Author:Sammy Loveridge  5 Minute Read Website Design UX/UI UX designers will always argue that to have a successful, highly converting website you need to create a path of least resistance. The less clicks to conversion the better! However, we now live in a world where we are responsible for protecting ourselves, our […]

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My Website Scares Me! Check Out Our Top 5 WordPress Editing Tools

a lonely woman looking stressed because she is worried about updating her Wordpress site

29/04 My website scares me! Check out our top 5 WordPress Editing Tools Author: josh duffety-wong 5 Minute Read Website Design UX/UI At SourceCodeStudio, we offer comprehensive training on all new WordPress sites as standard. Nevertheless, it can still be scary updating your new website with new articles and new information yourself. It is easy to […]

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