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Kieran Harker Headshot

Quality Assurance Analyst Apprentice

Kieran Harker

Introducing Kieran Harker, the newest member of the SourceCodeStudio team, serving as their Quality Assurance Analyst Apprentice. Despite only starting recently, Kieran has already made a significant impact with his enthusiastic approach to the diverse projects at the company. Before joining SourceCodeStudio, Kieran’s professional journey took him through roles as an Assistant Manager at Game and a Teacher of ICT and Computer Science, showcasing his leadership and technical prowess.

The welcoming and collaborative atmosphere at SourceCodeStudio immediately resonated with Kieran, as he found himself embraced by the close-knit team. Their willingness to support his growth and knowledge-sharing made him feel at home from the start. Outside of work, Kieran enjoys a vibrant life filled with music gigs and festivals, gaming, and leisurely walks with his dog. He takes pride in completing the Mental Health First Aider Champion course, displaying his caring nature beyond professional pursuits. With a lively personality and an amusing “claim to fame” involving James Veck-Gilodi from Deaf Havana, who still owes him a lighter! Kieran’s presence injects an infectious energy into the team, making him an indispensable asset to SourceCodeStudio’s journey.