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How to Use Social Media to Grow Your Business


2 minute read

Social Media Icons

Whether you use social media personally or not – in this digital age, it is an essential tool for businesses to connect with their customers and promote their services.

If you’re not using social media as one of the avenues to grow your business – you’re missing out on an immense opportunity.

We’ve written this blog so you can understand how to use social media to grow your business, and so starting from scratch isn’t too scary!

1. Choose the right platform

Not all social media platforms are where your potential clients are – so we recommend choosing 2 maximum 3, to make the best use of your time.

Some platforms are better suited for B2B businesses, like LinkedIn.

Whilst others, like Instagram and Facebook, are more viable for B2C businesses.

Think of it like this: Selling services? Think LinkedIn. Selling products? Think Meta.

Woman having a photo taken

2. Create high-quality content

This doesn’t mean simply using a high-quality image! This means researching what topics your customers will find engaging, and producing content that people will find useful and therefore engage with.

It can be a bit of trial and error, to begin with, but keep at it and you’ll find your flow…

Ensure you write clear and concise captions and share interesting & relevant content.

Person using LinkedIn on computer and phone

3. Be consistent

Create a social media “post” schedule you can stick to – it’s beyond important to remain consistent in this game.

If you only post once a month, you’re not going to see much results. Aim to post at least twice a week, and more often if possible.

People pointing at a laptop

4. Engage with your audience

Don’t just post content and then go off into the ether. Take time to actively engage with your audience by liking, commenting and responding to their posts too.

This helps you build a relationship with them, and encourage them to interact with your brand. ALWAYS ensure you like / comment / respond when they engage with your posts.

Person using a laptop to check website analytics

5. Consider social media ads

These can be a relatively cheap way to boost your social media engagement, boosting likes / followers / general traffic and engagement – depending on what route you go down.

They’re a great way to reach a wider audience or promote your products and services.

However, you have to use them wisely! Make sure your adverts are targeted to your ideal customers and track the results so you can see what’s working and what’s not.

Additional Tips for Mastery:

Leverage Free Analytics: Take advantage of the analytics provided by social media platforms to track your progress. Measure the effectiveness of your efforts and make informed adjustments to your strategy as needed.

Run Contests and Giveaways: Generate excitement and engagement by organizing contests and giveaways. Ensure they are easy to enter and offer enticing prizes to attract participation. This helps expand your reach and fosters a sense of excitement around your brand.

Host Live Events: Connect with your audience on a personal level by organizing live events. Utilise these events to promote your products or services, share expert advice, and build lasting relationships with your customers. Live events create memorable experiences and strengthen brand loyalty.

Good luck setting up those social profiles!

Remember it’s all trial and error and you will evolve as you become more and more confident on each platform. Finally, make sure you send all your social traffic through to your website. This is how your business will make money from social media, so it is key to have a website that can convert this traffic. Read our blog about the 7 Advantages of Bespoke Website Design Vs Templates.