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We help enterprising SMEs attract sales and high value clients

UK based agency that delivers bespoke eCommerce websites to help you scale your business.
Angel Ventlock ecommerce website on desktop and mobile
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eCommerce design service


With complete ownership of the final product, our custom eCommerce websites represent genuine value and are a real asset to your business. With prefabricated solutions your business will be reliant on 3rd parties, pricey monthly costs, high commission on e-commerce sales and a lack of future options that can cater to your growing needs.


We save you time and money day-to-day by building everything using WordPress, the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). We combine this with the most customisable e-commerce platform WooCommerce, purpose built for WordPress. We give you the power to easily add endless products, pages, images, videos, and content. Plus, our exclusive custom work integrates seamlessly within the CMS, so you don’t have anything additional to learn.


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We keep you fully engaged throughout our tried and tested eCommerce website design process



During our consultations, we work with you to understand how to boost your e-commerce business. Our expert team then tailor a quote for your need, budget & requirements.


UX/UI Design

Through detailed research we discover your target market to tailor a sales funnel for maximum conversions. We harness the latest UI techniques to bring your brand to life.



We begin with WordPress as a foundation, giving you the world’s most popular CMS and add powerful e-commerce features with WooCommerce for true future-proof scalability.



After cross-device testing and quality control we get you ready to manage content on your new website with CMS training from our WordPress experts, recorded for future use.



With a free month of support, you have time to perfect your website before launching your website. Once live we have a range of support & hosting packages we scale to your needs.

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Our friendly team are available to help you begin your new project.

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The SourceCodeStudio Team

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At SourceCodeStudio, we specialise in tackling real-life business challenges through innovative technology solutions. Situated in our UK-based studio, our dedicated in-house team boasts extensive expertise in crafting robust, tailor-made e-commerce websites. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with clients across diverse industries, catering to businesses of all sizes, delivering scalable, exceptional solutions that consistently perform at their best.

Our approach is highly collaborative; we work closely with you to customise your digital product, ensuring it aligns precisely with your vision, resulting in a truly unique offering. Our philosophy centres on creating only what’s essential, keeping costs efficient, processes streamlined, and ownership firmly in your hands. Throughout the project, our dedicated project managers guide you through a highly effective and collaborative journey, ensuring the entire process is meticulously mapped out from start to finish, ultimately delivering outstanding results tailored to your needs.


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Happy clients, exceptional projects

Blakeney Garage Logo

Adi Venni

Having successfully used SourceCodeStudio for a variety of websites over the best part of a decade they were the obvious choice when we needed a new website for Blakeney Garage. They have done an incredible job and given us exactly the website we needed – somehow working out what we wanted when we weren’t that clear ourselves. They have done this with minimal input from us and have managed to meet some very challenging deadlines.

Datalan Logo

Keith Yearsley

We approached SourceCodeStudio for a new website with hosting and support. We are really pleased with the new site, and we have seen a notable increase in traffic. We are also repeatedly happy with the continued support we receive from the team.

JEB Technologies Limited Logo

Katherine Thompson

With our existing website, we were struggling to make our online presence reflect our change in direction as a company and all of the new projects we were working on. SourceCodeStudio has built us an incredibly professional website that gives off exactly the impression we were looking for. They have also provided us with all the tools and training we need to keep it up to date and relevant to the industries we are dealing in.

Angel Ventlock Logo

Angel Ventlock

The process was very professional, starting with UX/UI designs that matched the brand. Before the development stage began, SourceCodeStudio offered suggestions that ensured the website was built sustainably and could grow with the business.

How can we help?

Our friendly team are available to help you begin your new project.

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    +What is a bespoke website?

    A bespoke website means we start with a blank canvas and design your project to suit your specific goals and work proactively with you to create a site to fulfil them. The best part? It’s actually less expensive than using a pre-fabricated solution! So not only will you have a site that fits like a glove, but you’ll also save money in the long run.

    +Why do you use WordPress?

    43% of the web is built on WordPress. This is because WordPress is a ‘content management system’ (CMS) that is simple to use whilst being extremely powerful, customisable and secure. It is also scalable, which is why more bloggers, small businesses, and fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined.

    +What is User Experience (UX) design?

    The user experience is gauged by how enjoyable a user finds their interactions with your product, system or service. For this reason, a UX designer’s job is to discover how best to create products that feel effortless to use and encourage adoption, retention, and loyalty. UX designers do this through research and analysis to refine the product experience for your audience and industry.

    +Do you offer a payment plan?

    We can offer a payment plan as followed, 50% initial deposit plus 12 interest-free equal instalments. Please note the 1st month’s payment will be required upon deposit. As a requirement of the payment plan, the website will need to be hosted and supported by SourceCodeStudio for your first year.

    +What will you need from me?

    During our project timeline, there is an initial kick-off meeting plus some key touchpoints where we will need your feedback. We also encourage work on content to be started as early in the process as possible to prevent delays to the launch. Content includes the written copy for the pages, images and videos. We can help assist with the collection of suitable imagery and video. We can assist in the addition of a copywriter or help guide you in creating suitable copy for your website. We will also be available every step of the way if you have any problems or questions.

    +Do you offer support?

    Our support plans are easily scaled with your business. The foundation package contains everything you need to keep your website up and running. We also offer bigger packages that come with dedicated studio hours that can utilise our team to make continual updates and improvements to your websites.

    +How long are projects?

    As a bespoke project, the timeframe is dependent on the size of the project and the number of bespoke features. We aim to have all websites ready to go live within 2 months but this can vary. For e-commerce websites, this could be closer to 3 months dependent on scale.

    +How many pages will I get?

    We don’t limit the number of pages to best allow you to utilise your new website. When we design your project, we will create tailored pages to meet specific goals. During the development phase, the pages will be made out of our custom made ‘blocks’. WordPress also comes with a library of built-in blocks, which will seamlessly sit side-by-side with our custom blocks. Blocks can be reused as many times as needed and reordered to create new pages.

    +Is there any limits to the size of my product or customer database?

    No, we do not add any limits to your product or customer database which is one of the biggest benefits of an online store. The hosting required to provide and store the content on your website may need to be increased to meet growing demand, but will only be a side-effect of a successfully growing business.

    +Do you take any commission on my sales?

    We don’t take any commission on your sales. Using WooCommerce we provide e-commerce functionality on our WordPress websites. WooCommerce will need to be connected to a payment gateway which will process your payments and provide the security needed to complete this. Payment gateways such as Worldpay, Paypal, Stripe and Amazon vary in cost and functionality so it is best to research which one will best suit your business needs.

    +What are the ongoing costs?

    We have a variety of packages to suit all your needs. We provide WordPress-specific hosting that is powered by renewable energy and can be scaled to suit your needs at a monthly or annual cost. We also provide support packages at a monthly or annual cost that can prevent downtime or bigger support packages with dedicated studio hours. We can also offer Marketing and SEO support to help you grow your presence online and help you rank higher organically on Google. We don’t sell domains as we recommend you keep the ownership of this but we can help you purchase a domain.

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