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Parcel Safe Place

Tablet App | Web Application Software

Parcel SafePlace provide a fully automated parcel storage solution. The parcel rooms are secured via CCTV, convenient 24/7 access with customisable notifications via email and SMS.

Parcel SafePlace required a clean user-friendly tablet app used to control the parcel room that connected via an API to a web app, used by the clients and Parcel SafePlace.

Parcel SafePlace app was using a web view (hosting the web app) to provide core functionality such as image uploading (signature and photo), QR code handling, AWS OCR Text extraction and Resident address presentation/selection.

They required a solution that would provide these “services” via API endpoints on the web app/server with the mobile app making concise “short-lived” calls and asynchronously receiving responses that could be presented to the user in an attractive and responsive UI.

We proposed a redesign of the front-end experience for users of the tablet app kiosk and web app. We combined the usability improvements with high-level functionality improvements including Raspberry PI integration and web application APIs.

We built a new mobile application written using the cross platform language Xamarin to future proof the technology and allow it to be used by either Android or Apple devices.

It was important to the project to improve both usability and functionality. The mobile application was designed to provide a quick and simple user experience. This was then built using Xamarin to provide a cross-platform final product that wouldn’t limit further expansion of the product.

The mobile app would then talk to the Raspberry Pi hardware used to secure the parcel rooms via an integration for couriers and residents to gain access.

The web application provided a cloud-based solution for administrators and managers to remotely manage the parcel rooms via an API. Administrators could quickly and easily create and manage new managers, locations and couriers and track activity from the mobile app. In turn, the managers could then track and monitor the parcel rooms, reducing their daily requirements whilst creating detailed reports on activity. The end-users would be notified automatically about their parcel creating a seamless experience from start to finish.

The project was integral to our business’s future success and growth. We required both a mobile app and a web application that could integrate to a high level. We are very pleased with the service and final product. SourceCodeStudio is a trusted partner that understands our needs and then exceeds them.

Parcel SafePlace Founder