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Wireless Rooms

Website Design | Software Development

Wireless Rooms provides in-room hotel guest tablets, connecting hotels with their guests. Providing access to hotel amenities, reduce printing costs, saves time with automations, all leading to increased revenue.

Wireless Rooms widescreen product mockup of bespoke WordPress website

All created in-house including the branding, website, software and the mobile app

Wireless Rooms is a product produced by the SourceCodeStudio team from the ground up. The concept was to create a gateway for guests to access hotel facilities without any requirements of the guests. By using an in-room tablet guests no longer require a smartphone, to connect to the internet or to download an app.

Each tablet is managed through cloud-based software to populate with the latest up-to-date content without the need for costly printing.

Another key benefit is the 2-way communication, which allows guests to message reception and order room service without needing to leave the room. With the use of pre-made templates, guests could quickly make common requests in a few clicks without the need to type a single word. The reception also had this same advantage which allows them to reply quickly to multiple guests in a smaller time increasing efficiency.

The complete bespoke package, all from a single studio

Our initial UX audit discovered our primary audience and we based our designs on this information to be targeted and create a higher conversion rate.

We built an interactive calculator to increase the onboarding of new clients by showing the possible ROI. This feature was custom-made for this project and shows the flexibility of using a WordPress-based CMS.

The branding created by SourceCodeStudio is reflected throughout the design to create a unique and professional-looking website. The whole design process was created mobile-first to optimise for cross-device compatibility.

Wireless Rooms website artboard mockups

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