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The Client

"More than just an IT solutions provider"

DataLan offers IT infastructure solutions and innovative cabling solutions from project management through to testing.

Forming great relationships with their clients, DataLan proudly partners with clients from a diverse range of sectors who view DataLan as an extension of their team.

The Need

The primary drive for this website project is to provide a modern and up to date online presence, as well as to showcase DataLan's best case studies. The website needed to be easy to update and maintain, as we are highly experienced in using and 38% of the web is built on WordPress we went with this as the obvious choice.

The approach

We created an information based website with a focus on quality case studies. We used an experimental JavaScript library to implement pre-loading on the site to dramatically improve page loading speeds to almost instant. The solution pre-loads the next web page as soon as the user hovers over the link on the previous page, meaning once the user commits to viewing the next page the site has already started loading it. Fast loading speeds increases user retention and conversion.

The Outcome

“We approached SourceCodeStudio for a new website with hosting and support. We are really pleased with the new site, and we have seen a notable increase in traffic. We are also repeatedly happy with the continued support we receive from the team.”

- Keith Yearsley, DataLan

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